सेक्स के प्रति दिलचस्पी ना होने के क्या है – लक्षण, कारण, इलाज, दवा व उपाय !


सेक्स की चाहत तो हर शादीशुदा जोड़ों में होती है, पर कई बार ये चाहत लोगों में ख़त्म होने जैसी नज़र आ रहीं है, पर ये चाहत ख़त्म होने के पीछे क्या कारण हो सकते है और इसके इलाज क्या है साथ ही इसके लक्षणों के माध्यम से हम कैसे खुद में सेक्स के प्रति […]

Sexual Health: 5 reasons you need to visit a sexologist in India


Often individuals think, ‘Why Do I Need To Consult A Sexologist?’ The reasons for the same are endless, and consulting a renowned Sexologist in Ludhiana will make a lot of difference to your sexual well-being. The given blog highlights the five primary reasons you need to schedule an initial appointment with a sexologist. Five reasons to consult […]

Sexologist Advice On Nightfall And Its Treatment With Ayurveda


What Does The Doctor Say About Nightfall? Doctors will give you a lot of medicines to cure the problem of nightfall. These preventive measures can help in reducing the cognition of nightfall gradually. Some of the preventive measures that the sexologist in Ludhiana gave are: Sexologist in Amritsar highly advise people who are consuming testosterone medicines to stop […]

Everything you need to know about the Dhat Syndrome (Spermatorrhea)


Dhat Syndrome (Spermatorrhea) Dhat Syndrome or Spermatorrhea medical problem when semen flows with urine and puts pressure on the lower abdomen along with sensual thoughts. Dhat Treatment in Punjab under the expertise of Ayurvedic practitioners will improve your situation effectively. If the condition is affecting your sexual life, then you need to consult a sexologist to improve […]