Dhat Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment for Dhat for safe male factor strengthening

Dhat describes a condition of semen release during urination or bowling movement. Semen comprises of essential proteins so its regular release may result into weakness, lack of sex desire and the overall weakness of body. Additionally dhat also causes difficulty in penis erection.

With Ayuvedic treatment of Dhat in Ludhiana, Punjab, it is made possible for patients to recover from the impotence problem completely and achieve the strong sexual desire.

Common causes of Dhat problem

Thin Semen Semen is very thin that men feel difficulty in holding it. The ejaculation occurs immediately as of erection or within two to three minutes during sexual interaction. If the treatment is not taken, the semen begins releasing with urine as well as stool.

Weak penile muscles  There are several causes of weak penile muscles such as frequent masturbation, injury or diseases, due to this condition, male become unable to hold discharge. In this case, the semen discharges as soon as the penis becomes erect.

For the treatment of Dhat condition, two types of procedures are followed:

The treatment is purely and 100% provided by herbal medicine. The medicines are not chemical in fact these are the herbs.

The herbs offer the necessary elements to improve your sexual stamina as well as strengthen the body. The herbs are specifically chosen depending on the cause of disease.

So the dhat condition is overall corrected by using the herbal medicine to treat the main cause of this problem.