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Asthma is a severe disorder that interrupts the flow of air across the lungs. In this condition, airways called as bronchial tubes are affected that are responsible of passage of air in and out of lungs. In case of asthma, the bronchial tubes are always inflamed. Due to swelling the muscles around the tubes tighten the ways that triggers the condition and makes the air flow tough causing coughs, wheez, trouble in breath etc. In most of asthma patients, these symptoms are associated with the physical activity and exercise. In order to be healthy, you should stay active to prevent the sidelines. Common symptoms of asthma are – trouble in breath, chest pain, severe cough, lack of sleep due to cough and wheez. In few cases asthma attacks also occur that are caused by allergy due to exposure to allergens for example dust, pet danders mold and pollen and polluted air.

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