Which ayurvedic sex principles should the couple follow to enjoy being intimate?

According to the sexologist in Punjab, “There would not be any person who wants neither to have a healthy or the satisfying sex. But still, many people do not get satisfied with the sex because they do not know the golden rules for sex.”

So in this blog post, we have attempted to present to our readers the golden rules for healthy and satisfying sex as per the best sex specialist doctors in Ludhiana.

  • No Sex During Periods

Ayurveda is not in favour of Period sex. It is believed that doing so will lead you to suffer from problems like endometriosis.

  • Best Sex Position

When a woman is lying down and the male partner is over her body, is the best kind of sex position which gives comfort and satisfaction to both the partners. Ayurveda does not support any other fancy sex position other than this.

  • Do not have sex if you are overweight

Those who are overweight should not engage in sexual activity frequently. It is usually advised to them to have so.

  • Private Parts should be clean

A couple must only head to see if the privacy of both partners is clean and hygienic. If this thing is not followed strictly, then the bacteria may get multiplied or even transmitted to each other’s bodies.

Did you know?

Ayurveda believes that a couple can only and only enjoy sex if both the partners are loyal and faithful to each other.

  • No Sex During Pregnancy

The couple should know how to control the sexual urges during the pregnancy period.

  • No Sex After Delivery

It may be sound difficult to all the males who are reading this article that they are not allowed to have sex for 5 months and 3 months in case the female has delivered through C-Section or normally respectively.

  • No Violent Sex

Sex is something that is supposed to make your body calm and soothes it. It should not at all be violent in any case.

  • A big ‘NO’ to – Oral Sex

Ayurvedic practitioners are highly against doing oral sex. According to the ayurvedic sex principles, sex is only to be done through the sexual organs i.e Vagina and Penis.

  • NO Sex During the Festivals

Do not do sex whenever there is a sacred day or some festival. If there is a full eclipse or a full moon, then you are not suggested to do the sex.

  • Do SEX after you have eaten something

It is advised that sex should not be done when a person is an empty stomach. As we all know, sex takes a lot of energy and doing it empty stomach will only lead to severe consequences and nothing else.

No Sex with aged women and with children

When we are talking about the ayurvedic principles, then the idea restricts indulging in intercourse with the aged women or with the children.