Treat Your Low Libido With Ayurveda And Enhance Your Sexual Health


Are you seeing a gradual decrease in your love life? Or are you finding it hard to set a mood like before? If you face any difficulty in your sexual life, do not hesitate to visit a Sexologist in Ludhiana. Just like a physician is essential to treat your chronic and acute diseases. A sexologist is […]

What Leads To Lack Of Desire In Sex And Tips To Recover From It?


Loss of sexual desire is more evident in women as compared to men. Almost 15% of men have issues with their libido compared to 30% of women. But men with low sex drive have more trouble with this situation than men because of the social stigma attached to it. According to many Sexologist in Ludhiana, masculinity and […]

Is It Normal To Have Less Interest In Sexual Activity (Low Libido)?


Are you feeling frustrated, discouraged, or even embarrassed to talk about the lack of interest you have in your sex life? Do not worry; you are not alone on this ship. Almost 31% of men and 43 % of women find it hard to involve themselves in sexual activity. They have reported a sexual dysfunction […]