What Leads To Lack Of Desire In Sex And Tips To Recover From It?


Loss of sexual desire is more evident in women as compared to men. Almost 15% of men have issues with their libido compared to 30% of women. But men with low sex drive have more trouble with this situation than men because of the social stigma attached to it. According to many Sexologist in Ludhiana, masculinity and how men feel about themselves are closely tied to their sexuality. This is the reason why the reduction in the sex drive can be very unsettling. According to a study, almost 46% of the women with low libido were overall happy and satisfied with their life. Whereas on the other hand, 23% of men notice a decrease in the sexual drive to be pleased in overall life.

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What Leads To Low Sex Drive Or Libido?

Just like nay attributes in human beings, sex drive is also one that varies from one person to another. In fact, there is also some successful committed relationship wherein you will notice some sort of mismatch in sexual interest between the partners. The sexologist in Jalandhar does not associate low sex drive with the frequency of sexual intimacy. Instead, the accurate measurement of your low or high libido is how you feel about the sexual act before and after.

For instance, if a man does not fantasize or look forward to having sexual activity with their partner for more than a week or months. In case, the sexual act itself does not foster any kind of feelings such as intimacy or closeness.

Tips To Recover From Low Sexual Drive

We have jotted down some techniques to help you get rid of such circumstances and increase your sexual drive.

  • Visit your doctor or sexologist.

The first thing that could help you have a common libido is to get a wide range of medical assistance. You can also suffer from a lack of sexual desire because of nay underlying health cognition. Some of those health issues include heart diseases, diabetes, and hypertension. They reduce the flow of blood throughout the body, which automatically impedes arousal.

Apart from that, disorders of the thyroid and also pituitary gland, whose work is to control the hormone production, can also diminish the sex drive in the human. Also, the drugs (SSRIs) that the doctor prescribes for depression affect the libido. Some blood pressure and tranquilizer medications also have some negative impacts. Excessive use of illicit drugs and alcohol can also dampen the interest in sex.

  • Reduce stress

Worries in life are pretty typical; anxiety, stress over finances, children, relationships, work, and other things in life can undoubtedly decrease your self-esteem, which can create havoc in your libido. Try to meditate and work through things to reduce your stress to gain better sex life.

Final Comments

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