What does a sexologist do?

Define sexological issues

Sexual intimacy plays a significant role in many relationships. It is a natural desire needed by many human beings when they are with a person that they can connect with emotionally as well as physically. However, many people are deprived of sexual intimacy because of various factors that lead to sexual dysfunctions, which usually happen in men. While sexual dysfunctioning poses a challenge for those who desire sexual intimacy, for which you can find a sexologist in Jalandhar, the lack of societal acknowledgment, often due to stigma, results in an even bigger hurdle. 

Who is a sexologist?

A person who has specialised in the study of human sexuality in terms of sexual behaviour, functions, and interests is known as a sexologist. A sexologist offers counselling or therapy related to sexual issues that their clients might be facing and helps them by providing a solution to any sort of conflict that they have with their sexual history. 

Treatments provided by a sexologist

There are a number of treatments offered by a sexologist in Amritsar for any kind of sexual concerns. A few of the major treatments provided by a sexologist are: 

Erectile dysfunctions

Erectile dysfunction means the inability of a person to maintain or get an erection. This means even after the person desires sexual intimacy; they find it difficult to get an erection or maintain it for the time of sexual activity. While for people who are ageing, this can be a natural sign, however for people who are still young, this can be a signal of sexual dysfunction. 

The major reason for ED is difficult to identify, but there are multiple risk factors that can cause the problem, such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar, cardiac disorder, hormonal imbalances, nervous disorder, autoimmune disorder, as well as mental health imbalance. 

The case of sexual dysfunction determines the treatment of ED, and a combination of treatments might be needed to resolve the problem. In addition to this, certain lifestyle changes, as well as relationship counselling, may also help to improve the situation. 

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation means when the person is not able to sustain the erection and ejaculates before the desired time of sexual activity. 

There are a number of factors that can be responsible for PE, such as infections, health conditions, hormonal imbalances, weak musculature, hypersensitivity, and several mental health issues that may include stress, anxiety, and depression. 

For the treatment of PE, medication to increase the time of Ejaculation may be used along with numbing gels or condoms with hypersensitive penises. In addition to this, behavioural therapies to regain ejaculation control as well as for mental health or relationship issues, psychotherapy may be recommended. 

Penis size

Many men are concerned about their penis size due to the unrealistic expectations ignited by the internet. The average length of a penis during an erection is 5.2 inches, and 3-6 inches of length is considered to be normal; however, many people fall under the false acquisition that using creams and oils would increase the length of their penis. Therefore, it is better to discuss your issues with a sexologist in order to determine whether your concerns are valid or not. 

The bottom line is that sexual intimacy plays a major role in running a lot of relationships; therefore, being ignorant of the issues of sexual dysfunction can result in sabotaging a relationship. Thus, you must contact a sexologist who is an expert in dealing with human sexuality and resolving your sexual issues.