Sanjivani Health Centre’s Guide – 5 Tips For Incredible Sex Life

5 Tips For Incredible Sex Life

Sanjivani Health Centres presents the much-needed sex guide

Earlier before the study was conducted, people desperately wanted an answer to their question which said, “How often should a couple do sex?’

The Best sexologist in Punjab offers an answer to this question based on the findings of the study:

The couples who are committed to each other can only remain happy and satisfied in their relationship if they have sex at least once a week.

Please Note!

  • Having sex less than often – Unhappy Relationship
  • Having sex once or twice a week – Long Lasting Relationship

Hear Out The Extract Of Vagbhata’s Thoughts

The frequency of sex during different seasons:

  • Winter Season – No number (Do as much as you like)
  • Spring and Autumn Season – Once in 3 days
  • Rainy Season and Summer – Once in 2 weeks

Tips For A Great Sex Life

  1. Determine Sex Frequency Based On Your Dosha
  • Kapha

According to sex Specialist in Ludhiana, “If you are having a strong and stable body, then you are required to indulge in sexual activity more often without deteriorating ojas.”

  • Vata

If you are a Vata predominant person which has all the following traits, then you are required to save your ojas and not let it get depleted:

  • Less musculature
  • Less fat
  • More Sensitive Constitution
  • Pitta

Those for whom the pitta dosha is always predominant, are required to have sex in moderation. They are neither extremely hearty as kaphas nor as sensitive as vatas.

  1. Eat To Make Love Strongly

We must know that each time we do sex we burn more than 300 calories. So it is always vital to eat cooked foods that contain the following:

  • High-Quality Oils (ghee, coconut oil and olive oil)
  • A great amount of the nutrients containing ingredients

Each time we have sex, we lose ojas which is responsible for providing immunity and nourishment to the body. So make sure you are eating high-quality foods that do not let you lose your strength.

  1. Never Use The Chemical Lubricants

Many couples like to lubricate the genital parts before having sex so that smooth penetration could be made possible. But it is always advised that the lubricant should be something natural like you can use coconut oil or other genital friendly essential oils. But never make use of the chemical lubricants. If you do so, then you are contributing to making your reproductive capabilities decline.

  1. Want No-Sex, But Needs The Connection

Sometimes it does happen and it is quite natural to occur that we are not in the mood for the sex, but we are craving the connection building. Ex is not always the solution for connection building. In some of the non-moody situations, you can consider giving each other a nice massage.

  1. Herbs Can Make You Strong Sex Horses

There are some of the ayurvedic herbs which are known for enhancing sexual capabilities:

  • Ashwagandha – Take two tablets with the warm milk
  • Shatavari – Take two tablets along with the warm milk