What are the types of hair loss? And Ayurvedic treatments for hair loss?

 What are the types of hair loss? And Ayurvedic treatments for hair loss?

Hair loss is one of the most common problems among all ages, men and women. Hair loss can occur due to various factors, such as genetic issues and hormonal changes, and is a part of ageing. So if you suffer from hair loss, getting effective treatment to restore your hair is essential. 

Hair transplant is an affordable solution to restore your hair and confidence. The cost of hair transplant in Ludhiana varies depending on various factors, such as the extent of hair loss, the type of hair transplant, and the expertise of the surgeon. To know about an accurate estimate of Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab, consult with a qualified hair transplant surgeon.

There are various advanced techniques used to restore hair. One of the techniques that gained popularity is Hair Transplant in Ludhiana. People choose hair transplants because of its variety of benefits, such as natural-looking results, long-lasting results, and minimal discomfort. 

Causes of hair loss

  • Improper diet 
  • Weight loss 
  • Chemical hair product 
  • Harmful sun radiation 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Scalp infection 
  • Illness and cancer treatment
  • Stress  

Types of hair loss

Androgenic Alopecia 

Hair loss in growing age is called androgenic alopecia. It also relates to genetic conditions. In which men and women suffer baldness In their forties. Ayurvedic herbs help to control hair loss problems. 

Alopecia areata 

This type of hair loss causes autoimmune disease in which the loss of your hair from the body and scalp. Ayurvedic treatment and care help you to regrow your hair on the scalp.  

Scarring alopecia 

Scarring alopecia is hair loss when many of your hair follicles are destroyed, such as burning, sensation pain, and itching scalp infection.

Involutional alopecia 

That hair loss condition is related to age. If you grow older, your hair naturally goes to the thinning stage.

Alopecia Universalis

Alopecia universalis is a type of hair loss. In this case, you fall your hair from all body parts, such as eyelashes, eyebrows, and pubic hair. Ayurvedic medication helps you in your condition. 


Trichotillomania showed in children. It is one type of hair loss. Cause of stress and psychological disorders 

Telogen effluvium  

Telogen effluvium is a condition in which abrupt changes occur in your hair growth cycle that causes hair loss. 

Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss 

Massage your head 

Massage your whole head with warm oil. Oiling gives you a natural shine and makes you have strong and healthy hair. Massage with warm oil on your scalp helps to increase blood circulation. If you have an oil issue, use it before washing your hair and applying oil to the scalp. Leave it 20 minutes after washing it to help nourish it. 

Use Ayurvedic shampoo 

Chemical-based hair product use on the scalp causes hair loss. You can use herbal shampoo with herbs to help regrow your hair. You wash your hair at least twice weekly with shampoo with ingredients such as shikakai, Triphala, aloe vera, hibiscus flower, amla powder, etc. It helps to remove dust and clean your scalp hair.  

Hair mask 

Before washing hair, you can apply a hair mask on your scalp. It helps to make your hair healthy and shiny. You can directly apply fresh aloe vera mix in fenugreek paste on your scalp, leave it for one hour, then wash it. You can use it one time a week. 

Healthy diet

Consuming healthy food with proper vitamins, minerals, protein, etc., helps grow your body and reduce hair problems. 

Change your lifestyle 

Changing your regular habits, such as combing your hair daily, taking a proper diet, regular exercise, and proper sleep, helps to reduce stress and increase blood circulation. It helps grow your new hair. 

Ayurvedic massage therapy 

Taking ayurvedic massage therapy helps reduce stress, migraine problems, and other psychological disorders.

Apply these ayurvedic methods on your hair for shiny and healthy hair, or you can seek medical care from a renowned hair specialist, who will help you restore your hair and confidence.