Some common sexological problems for males.

Define sexological issues

In this modern era, people prefer to eat unhealthy food and live a poor lifestyle, which can cause different sexological issues. Several other reasons are responsible for the sexological issues. Sexual dysfunction can be any problem that prevents a person or couple from experiencing satisfaction from sexual activity. Some 43% of women and 31% of men report some degree of sexual dysfunction.

What are the sexological problems? 

Sexological disorders , also known as sexual dysfunction, are problems with sexual functioning that can impact single people or couples. These issues can have a variety of manifestations and stem from interpersonal, psychological and physical issues. The best sexologist in Amritsar offers you proper guidance about sexual problems. 

Some common sexological problems in males. 

Different sex ological problems are widespread in males. 

  • Erectile dysfunction: When a man can not maintain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. It is a widespread and recurring problem for a lot of men. Suppose a man achieves an erection but not whenever they want to have sex. When a man can never reach, an erection comes under erectile dysfunction.  
  • Low Libido: Another form of sexual dysfunction more often caused by psychological thinking or hormone imbalance is low libido. When there is less or no desire for sex, this is the situation. Inherited medical disorders like low testosterone, depression, stress, thyroid issues, or drug side effects may also be to blame. Reduced sexual attraction can occasionally be attributed to aging. 
  • Retrograde ejaculation: When an ejaculate travels retrogradely, it exits the penis and enters the bladder instead. There may not be much ejaculate to deal with, or the pee may be hazy. The adverse effects of various drugs, such as antidepressants or other medications prescribed for genitourinary disorders, might lead to retrograde ejaculation.

Define a sexologist. 

A sexologist is a licensed healthcare provider who helps you address any emotional or mental roadblocks that are related to sexual issues. A sex therapist could be a social worker or medical doctor who has done training in sexual health and sexual problems. 

How can a sexologist help you with a sexological problem?  

A sexologist is a specialist in the study of human sexuality with training in handling a broad spectrum of sexual issues. A sexologist can assist people or couples with sexological problems in the following ways:

  • Evaluation and diagnosis: To ascertain the type and root causes of the sexological issue, a sexologist might conduct an extensive review. This could entail obtaining a thorough sexual history, looking into psychological issues, and ruling out any underlying medical conditions.
  • Education and information: Sexologists offer precise and current information regarding the anatomy, physiology, and operation of the sex organs. 
  • Counseling and treatment: To address the psychological and emotional components that lead to sexological issues, sexologists provide counseling and therapy.
  • Behavioral interventions: To address particular sexological issues, sexologists may suggest specific behavioral interventions or exercises. 
  • Referral to other professionals: Should the sexologist conclude that there are medical underpinnings to the sexological issue, they may recommend that the patient see a doctor or other healthcare provider for additional assessment and management. 
  • Sexual health promotion: Sexologists work to improve general sexual health and well-being in addition to treating particular sexological issues. They might offer advice on safer sexual behavior, sexual orientation and identity, contraception, and other topics related to sexual health education.

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