Sexologist Advice On Nightfall And Its Treatment With Ayurveda


What Does The Doctor Say About Nightfall?

Doctors will give you a lot of medicines to cure the problem of nightfall. These preventive measures can help in reducing the cognition of nightfall gradually. Some of the preventive measures that the sexologist in Ludhiana gave are:

  • Avoid any kind of spicy foods
  • Do more exercise such as jogging
  • Take proper diet
  • Urinate before going to bed.
  • Avoid watching porn
  • Read good books.
  • Avoid constipation.
  • Listen to some soothing music before going to sleep. 

Sexologist in Amritsar highly advise people who are consuming testosterone medicines to stop consuming it or should decrease the dosage to avoid nightfall. 

Myths That Surround Nightfall

Most of the time, people hesitate to talk about such conditions because of embarrassment and the myth surrounding the problem. Remember, it is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is one of the common conditions that happens to many men.

Myths also help fuel the hesitation of others. Some of the myths that surround nightfall are: 

Myth1: Because of nightfall, people might suffer from some erection issues.

Fact: No, it does not create any erection issues. Nightfall is just wet dreams that lead to premature ejaculation while sleeping. 

Myth2: It is a rare condition that happens to a few people.

Fact: No, it is a very common cognition that many people go through, and there is nothing to worry about. With nightfall treatment, you can treat this condition quickly. 

Myth3: Perversion and regular masturbation are the cause of nightfall

Fact: It is a myth that only masturbation is the cause of nightfall. It might be a side effect, but masturbation or perversion is not the leading cause.

 Myth4: It weakens the person sexually

Fact: Another myth that surrounds nightfall is that people lose their sex drive or capabilities because of nightfall, which is not a fact. 

What Is The Treatment For Nightfall?

There is a lot of medication or treatment available for nightfall. But Ayurveda is one of the most reliable options for sexual disorders. Ayurveda is a risk-free medication that helps cure the disabilities of the roots and balances the mind, body, and soul of the patient.

There is a lot of treatment for nightfall in Ayurveda. According to the practitioner of Ayurveda, the reason behind nightfall is stress, hectic lifestyle, and anxiety in this modern life. The patient can easily get rid of the problem by following simple instructions and balancing their life. Doing proper exercise, taking a proper diet, and making a few critical changes in their lifestyle. Apart from that, Ayurveda also advocates meditation and yoga for their patients, along with some soothing baths to eliminate nightfall. 

How Can One Stop Nightfall?

There are ways by which you can try to control the urge for nightfall. Some of the ways are:

  • You should drink almond milk at night before going to sleep.
  • You can distract your mind by reading some good books before going to sleep.
  • You should try meditating more.
  • Try to eat food that has the properties of an aphrodisiac.