Premature Ejaculation: Does It Last Forever And Its Treatment?


Premature Ejaculation: you might have heard about this term. Well, it is one of the most common conditions that men suffer from. More than that, the question that boils down is:

“Is premature ejaculation permanent?”

Well, in many cases, you will notice that premature ejaculation is a once or twice occurrence that happens due to extra excitement or any other reasons, which is nothing to worry about. But if it is a chronic issue and goes on and on and on, then you should be concerned.

But can it last forever, or can you treat it with the right therapy from the Sexologist in Ludhiana? Well, we will be answering all the burning questions in this blog for better understanding. But let us begin with the basics: 

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Before finding the solution, it is essential to know what the problem actually is. Premature ejaculation, you can also call it PE. PE is basically a condition wherein an individual cannot control their climax either before or shortly after the sexual activity. In most cases, you will not know the exact reason for such a problem. But it is mainly associated with psychological factors such as tension, depression, etc., and medical causes such as having an imbalance in hormones and certain sexual situations. 

When Does One Experience Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is not an uncommon issue; instead, it is very evident that men who enter a new physical or sexual relationship do notice such issues while engaging in any new sexual activity. It mainly happens because of overexcitement or over-arousal. It is a very natural problem resulting from overstimulation, and it is nothing to be concerned about as it is very unlikely to last long or forever. With the help of a Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Punjabyou can treat the problem if you find it hard to control it even after some time.

 Is Premature Ejaculation A Permanent Issue?

In most cases, the Sexologist in Amritsar has noticed that the patient overcomes the issues on its own with time. That being said, men who are primarily sexually active from the very beginning and experience premature ejaculation are most likely to have it for a longer period of time. And in such cases, you should wisely opt for professional help without any hesitation. You can resolve the problem with the right treatment after diagnosing the real cause.

It is a fact that your primary health care, mental health care, and emotional health care all play a significant role in deciding your sexual health. Thus taking care of all aspects becomes a vital factor. If you are suffering from underlying health conditions, including diabetes or even multiple sclerosis, it will be harder for you to control and manage your premature ejaculation. Thus, it is necessary that you treat those conditions beforehand and maintain a healthy lifestyle to get a hold of your sexual life. It then removes the risk of having a permanent premature ejaculation.