Plan the journey from infertile to fertile for low sperm count


Infertility journey is tough, but don’t lose hope

If you have found out that you have a low sperm count, then it’s tough to father a child. Bear in mind that it’s tough, not impossible. When you consult the Ayurvedic doctor for the Low Sperm Count Treatment in Ludhianayou will know the most reliable and natural ways to boost fertility. The natural ways and practices have their way of working on male reproductive health.

Low sperm count: What is it?

Low sperm count is when the sperm count is extremely low compared to the normal count. The Ayurvedic doctor in Ludhiana will discover that if you have less than 20 million sperm, the chances of conception are lower than normal.

Sperm needs the right temperature

The sperm needs to have the right temperature in the testicle, the right environment, balanced hormones, and the entire nervous system to have the right signals. Even if the testicle temperature is higher a few degrees, there will be problems with the sperm count. Instead of getting in a panic state, you must get the right care and follow the most reliable ways to boost sperm count.

Major causes of low sperm count

Some of the major causes of low sperm count are:

  • Obesity
  • Steroids
  • Diabetes
  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Hormonal imbalances

It’s important to find out on time what’s wrong and what necessary steps are required to be followed next. The assistance offered by the Ayurvedic doctor plays an important part.

Natural and effective ways to boost sperm count

Method 1: Consult the ayurvedic doctor for low sperm count treatment

Without any doubt or question, consult the Ayurvedic doctor. It’s the first and crucial step to ease the method of planning everything. The Ayurvedic doctor determines the possible reason behind male infertility and thoroughly diagnoses reproductive health. The semen analysis is the prime method to test the accuracy and whether you are ejaculating the normal amount of sperm. If a doctor suspects anything else that’s wrong, then necessary decisions are made.

Method 2: Natural ways followed in Ayurveda

The natural ways suggested by the Ayurvedic doctor are essential to follow religiously. Once the doctor has determined what’s wrong, you will be informed about the possible ways to boost the sperm count. Some of the natural and effective ways to boost sperm count are:

  • Do get enough exercise and sleep every single day
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not drink excess amount of alcohol and have drug intake
  • Fenugreek supplements are effective
  • Get enough vitamin D
  • Eat more amount of antioxidants food

Method 3: Check the progress

Once the doctor has informed you about your low sperm count, ensure you take every measure. Monitoring and following every small measure are essential to plan for a fertility journey with ease.