Night Fall: What It Is, Its Common Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment?

Night Fall treatment in india

Nightfall is basically an ejaculation of semen involuntarily. Nocturnal emission is an orgasm that happens spontaneously without any voluntary act. Wet dreams are one of the most common issues seen in men, but it is not only limited to them; women too can suffer from this condition. Young males, after puberty, are more likely to go through this condition.

But do not worry; it is a natural process and nothing to worry about if it happens very rarely. It is a way for the body to get relief from sexual arousal. This occurs when there is an excess amount of sperm in the body, and it does not know how to handle it, so it automatically releases some sperm. It could also happen due to overstimulation of the body and its raw reaction. And the frequency of such things varies from person to person.

That being said, if it is a regular occurrence or happens more than it should, then we highly recommend you to get a Night Fall Treatment in Ludhiana as it could hamper your sexual life and other aspects of life too. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Night Fall?

Let us now move toward the symptoms that might indicate the concern of nightfall or wet dreams in an individual. This will help you self-diagnose it and seek the proper treatment at the right time from a Sexologist in Ludhiana. Given below are some of the common symptoms of nightfall or wet dreams:

  • Having weakness
  • Feeling fatigued and exhausted
  • Noticing a burning sensation at the time or after the passage of urine. This happens in prostate gland inflammation.
  • Having an early or premature ejaculation
  • There is involuntary leakage of semen in the undergarments.
  • If you are unable to sleep or have some sexually explicit visualization in your dreams.
  • Experiencing lack of concentration.
  • Feeling cramps or pain in the legs or the back. 

What Are The Causes Of Nightfall?

There are several reasons why you can have nightfall or wet dreams. With age, the issues usually settle down. But if it is something that happens frequently, then you must seek help from a Sexologist in AmritsarGiven below are some leading causes of nightfall.

  • If there is a lack of prolonged absence of sexual activity. The sperm in the body generates in the body; the excess sperm releases itself from the testis through nightfall.
  • If you watch excess sexually explicit content such as pornography or talking about sex at an extreme level.
  • If there is overstimulation in the genital area via rubbing against the bedclothes during sleep may end in erection and involuntary ejaculation.
  • Having stress and anxiety.
  • Not having enough physical activity in life.
  • Obesity
  • Prostate gland inflammation or congestion.
  • Weak nerves and muscles in the genital area.
  • Take some sex hormone supplement (testosterone).
  • Going to bed with a full bladder at night.
  • Having inadequate ejaculation at the time of sexual activity because of weak genital nerves. Hence results in the accumulation of semen that gets released at night involuntarily.