Low sperm count treatment through the Ayurveda approach


Low sperm count treatment with Ayurveda

Low sperm count in medical terms is known as oligospermia. The problem is one of the common reasons behind male infertility. Through proper semen evaluation, it’s easier to understand the possible reason and the most suitable method for solving the condition. If you are going through the same state, you have to look for one of the known Sexologist in Ludhiana to address the situation effectively.

Possible causes of low sperm count

There are a variety of factors that are known to create difficulty with sperm health. Under the supervision of an Ayurvedic sexologist, you will get the most appropriate low sperm count treatment in Punjab to make the situation manageable and effective. The possible treatment plan depends on the cause of low sperm count.

  • Structural duct problems

The problem with the structural duct includes blocked or missing sperm. The problem can result in issues with testes resulting in difficulty to harvest. The Sexologist in Jalandhar will suggest a personalized treatment plan that improves the entire condition and tells the best way to handle the whole state.

  • Varicoceles

Varicocele is the condition when scrotum veins dilate. There’s a high possibility the blood won’t dilate like normal, and this is likely to impact sperm production.

  • Testicular failure

In some cases, there’s a testicular failure where mature sperm won’t produce. Apart from that, there are genetic abnormalities, problems with hormones, or varicoceles.

  • Hormonal abnormalities

In some cases, there are hormonal abnormalities which means sperm are not proper in shape or size. The gland that’s known to regulate the hormones will get affected, making the situation worse. The Ayurveda has its way of managing the situation and ensuring the problem gets addressed through the root cause.

  • Lifestyle choices

Apart from these reasons, your lifestyle preferences can create a major roadblock to reproductive health. Daily habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, drug abuse, and other unwanted lifestyles create difficulty. And these can create problems with sperm health.

Taking care of sperm health through Ayurveda

The low sperm count is not just that one concern, but the issue is likely to create a problem with sexual health. Therefore, it’s worth knowing the entire state and what’s the root cause behind the situation. When you consult the Ayurvedic practitioner, he will check the major reason behind the present state and what approach can bring a difference. The Ayurvedic sexologist checks the following:

  • Most importantly, check the type of dosha that’s aggravated. Depending on the same, the next possible treatment plan will be given to you.
  • You have to be consistent with all the necessary lifestyle factors suggested. Indeed! When you follow a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritious meals, your overall well-being get’s to the right state.

Final word!

Low sperm count is common, and if it’s becoming a major problem with your conception, you need medical assistance. Schedule an initial consultation with our Ayurvedic sexologist Dr. Jawahar.