Let’s Learn About Male Sexual Dysfunction And Its Ayurvedic Treatment


Sexual dysfunction is a psychological or physical problem that stops you or your partner from getting sexual satisfaction. Having male sexual disorder is one of the most common sexual health issues that men suffer from. It can impact men of all ages, but it is prevalent among men who are older. With the help of Male Sexual Problems Treatment in Punjab, you can eliminate the problem.

 Types Of Male Sexual Dysfunction

These are some of the most common male sexual dysfunction, including: 

  • Erectile dysfunction: When you are having difficulty in getting and keeping your erection.
  • Premature ejaculation: When you reach your orgasm way too quickly, satisfying your partner. 
  • Delayed or inhibited ejaculation: When you reach your orgasm too slowly or not at all. 
  • Low libido: When you have significantly less interest in sexual activities or low sex drive. 

Low Libido (Low Sex Drive)

Let us move towards an in-depth understanding of low libido.

It basically means that your desire or interest in sex decreases with time. You no longer feel the need to involve in sexual activities. This condition is often connected with the low level of the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone maintains sperm production, sex drive, hair, muscle, and bone, which is why low testosterone can have an impact on your body and mood.

Apart from that, depression, relationship difficulties, and anxiety can also cause a reduction in sexual desire. High blood pressure, diabetes, and specific medication such as antidepressants might also lead to low libido. 

Diagnosis Of Male Sexual Disorder

With the help of a physical examination, your Sexologist in Ludhiana might begin the diagnosis process. Some of the physical tests include:

  • Blood tests in order to check the blood sugar for diabetes, cholesterol, and testosterone levels.
  • Blood pressure check-up.
  • Rectal exam in order to check the prostate
  • Examination of your testicles and penis.

Some other tests can also help you notice if you are having trouble with blood flow to the penis or not.

Apart from that, your doctor might also ask you specific questions regarding the symptoms and your sexual or medical history. So do not hesitate at all and answer all the questions clearly for better understanding.

Treatment Of Male Sexual Disorder

In order to correct the sexual disorder, you are required to focus on the mental or physical problem that triggered it. Some of the treatments include: 

  • Medication: Taking ayurvedic treatment to help increase the sexual function and blood flow to the penis. Ayurveda is the most effective technique to boost your sexual immunity.
  • Change in lifestyle: Apart from ayurvedic treatment, the sexologists will also recommend you to make a change in your life by shifting toward healthy choices. 
  • Consultation: Sometimes, some disputes between the partners can trigger a sexual disorder. It is always suggested to talk to our sexologists about it and take a consultation.