From which factors does erectile dysfunction result in males?


Erectile dysfunction refers to the condition in which men cannot maintain an erection (a process in your men’s penis turns into a complex and robust shape to form sexual intercourse). More than thirty-five million men are suffering from this condition worldwide. This condition also prevents male genders from forming pregnancy. When something similar happens to you more than once, you must seek Erectile Disorder treatment under which your problem can resolve gradually.

Furthermore, you may hear that erectile dysfunction also becomes a significant cause of sexual inability. Due to this, many men have to face relationship breakups. Thus, you must fix your appointment with the best Sexologist in Ludhiana rather than wasting your time thinking more about their problem. Different types of cure options will assist you towards a happy sex life.

What factors influence erectile dysfunction?

  • Trauma to the pelvic area: The issue of pelvic trauma takes birth when your pelvic nerves and muscles do not get a proper supply of blood. Sometimes, perineal trauma will destroy your pelvic nerves. Your doctor may recommend a revascularization procedure under which a doctor will insert new blood vessels around the blocked areas to regenerate the required blood flow.
  • Low testosterone: The low production of testosterone hormones can point to the problem of erectile dysfunction. The main task of testosterone hormones is to supply the required fuel to the sex drive of men. Low levels of these hormones decline the sexual ability of men. To treat this condition, you may send for testosterone therapy, where you will treat under various medications and injections that help to raise your testosterone levels.
  • Vascular disease: This condition can arise when your body’s internal organs and sexual organs do not get a proper supply of blood and oxygen. Vascular disorders are responsible for fifty to seventy percent of erectile dysfunction males. To treat this condition, your doctor recommends oral medications and injections; if you still face any trouble, they may recommend vascular surgery. You can also control vascular diseases and erectile dysfunction by prohibiting bad habits such as smoking and alcohol and stopping other narcotic drugs.
  • Body Weight: Excessive weight gain also influences your penis and stops turning into hard form during sexual intercourse. Massive weight can strain your heart and contribute to hormonal shifts, high blood pressure, diabetes, etcetera.
  • Traumatic brain injury: You know the brain is the controller of the overall body. You follow what your brain says. Thus, any minor or significant damage in your brain stops the transmission of messages to all body organs in an ideal way. This is also the reason for erectile dysfunction. To illustrate, any traumatic brain injury or trauma in your nervous system or spine prevents men from erection.
  • Underlying conditions: Apart from the disorders mentioned above, erectile dysfunction may also result in clogged blood vessels, diabetes, nerve damage, HIV, high blood pressure, Human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV), or Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), and cancer etcetera.

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