Exploring Dhat Syndrome And Its Physical And Psychological Distress


The doctors associate Dhat syndrome with the emotional and physical distress linked to perceiving semen loss or the fear of it. In short, according to the Sexologist in Ludhianathe dhat syndrome is a semen loss-related psychological distress.

Apart from that, some factors might bother the patient with dhat syndrome.

Factors That Might Bother Dhat Syndrome Patient

  1. Men generally become anxious after losing semen in the case of dhat syndrome. Their main concern is that they are losing the semen through masturbation; semen is passing through the urine or nocturnal emissions, also known as wet dreams.
  2. Another factor of dhat syndrome that bothers the patient is fatigue, forgetfulness, depression, feelings of guilt or shame, concentration difficulties, and sexual dysfunction. Some sexual disorders include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and low libido).

An Analysis By Experts On Dhat Syndrome

According to the Sexologist in Jalandhar, the dhat syndrome is a culture-bound syndrome. They define the dhat issue as a pattern of abnormal behavior and mental illness that differs from a particular cultural or ethnic population. Apart from that, it also does not conform to the generalized categorization of psychiatric disorders.

Based on many studies, we have established that dhat syndrome usually tends to affect men who live in the Indian subcontinent. But it is not confined to only India; dhat syndrome is also growing in countries like China, Europe, Russia, America, and The Middle East.

Dhat Syndrome: The Origin Of The Term

The word is basically derived from the Sanskrit language (it is the mother of Indo-Aryan languagesThe word dhatu loosely translates to “metal.” “Constituent part of the body” or “elixir.” People consider it to be the body’s most concentrated, powerful, and perfect substance. Additionally, its preservation also ensures longevity and health. The experts have mentioned the disorder related to this dhatu, i.e., semen, in the ancient treaties such as “Susruta Samhita” as Shukrameha (Shukra = sperm + meha = passage in urine).

Treatment Of Dhat Syndrome

Ayurveda medication is the proper technique for Dhat Treatment in LudhianaUsing natural substances boosts your body’s system without any side effects and also cures or treats the disorder without any risk. Choosing Ayurveda is the right passage as it might help you attain the correct way of living a healthy life without any inhibition.

That And Its Cultural Attachment

There are many cultures that associate dhat syndrome with long life and good health. This is the reason why the patient turns out to become very stressed with just the idea of losing dhat.

Sexual myths and misconceptions are the culprits for bringing this myth into the line of thought. People pass it down the generation, which is why it is still prevalent in many communities. According to the studies, men suffering from dhat syndrome generally tend to be from rural areas and are young with a conservative point of view regarding sex. Men with dhat syndrome also have a lower level of education with lower socioeconomic status in society compared to other men.

Final Comments

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