Detailed guide on the male infertility diagnosis and treatment method


Male infertility: Get proper clarity to begin the treatment

The prevalence rate of male infertility is giving neck-to-neck competition to female infertility. Indeed, that’s a huge concern because male infertility accounts for around 40% to 50% of cases. One of the major reasons is lower sperm production or delivery. Moreover, improper lifestyle choices, severe health issues, injuries, and other factors can make it difficult to conceive. No doubt it’s a devastating condition, but you must get yourself the effective Low Sperm Count Treatment in Punjab under the expertise of an experienced doctor.

The problem is not just limited to not being able to conceive, but there’s a problem enjoying sexual life. There are many cases where a couple cannot enjoy sexual intimacy. And that’s why it’s important to look for the assistance of the Sexologist in Amritsar.

How to diagnose male infertility?

The diagnosis of male infertility requires you to get a blood and semen test. Here’s what basically happens in detail with both the methods:

  • Semen analysis

Semen analysis is a method to check sperm count. The test aims to check the following parameters:

  • Number of sperm
  • Sperm motility
  • Sperm structure
  • Sperm volume
  • Sperm concentration

The doctor will even check the possible factors to determine the reason behind infertility. Although, a semen sample is normal when it takes a gel-like structure within 20 minutes. If that does not happen, there can be an issue with seminal vesicles and male sex glands.

  • Transrectal ultrasound (Also called Sonogram)

During the transrectal ultrasound, high-energy sound waves are used through the rectum. The sound waves go through the organs giving the inside picture of the tissues. The method aims to check the issue with the ejaculatory duct or seminal vesicles.

How to treat male infertility?

The treatment for male infertility includes several treatment options. Depending on your condition, the doctor will tell you which plan is ideal for your condition. The possible treatment options for male infertility with the Ayurvedic treatment plan are to check the possible condition effectively.

Ayurvedic treatment focuses on the root cause

With Ayurveda, the emphasis is put on addressing the root cause so that the problem does not occur again. With Ayurveda, the focus is on addressing the concern through a natural and toxic-free approach. And that’s the way to make the entire situation all better.

Do you have any doubts?

In case you have any doubt in your mind, then consult our ayurvedic practitioner having experience of more than +35 Years. He will suggest your Ayurvedic treatment plan journey by analyzing your entire condition and what needs to be done next. Schedule initial consultation as it helps to enlighten you properly.