Analysis On Sex Related Headaches And Post Sex Sadness And Mood Swings


Sex-Related Headache

Oh, you might have definitely heard the age-old dialogue of “ Not today, dear, I have a headache.” It is a common excuse but did you know you can encounter a headache at the time of the sex? Yes, it is, in fact, possible!

Headache that ranges from migraines to tension induces headaches that can happen at the time of sexual activity or orgasm. According to a Sexologist in Ludhiana, there are at least two main reasons that lead to such discomfort.

  • Number 1 is when you get extra excited during sexual activity or intercourse; then, you might experience muscle extraction in the head and neck area that can indeed lead to severe headaches.
  • Another reason for you to get an intense headache is before having your orgasm. This can possibly happen in response to the rapid increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

How Can You Experience Sex-Related Headache?

According to a Sexologist in Punjab, most people who suffer from sex-related headaches are temporary cases of discomfort that will go away right after and will not even happen. Whereas for others, headaches often occur at the time of sexual encounters for at least some period of time but never return again. And then, there are also cases wherein the patients might experience the headache at infrequent intervals but throughout their life at the time of intercourse. 

What Can You Do When Feel Sex Related Headache?

In a situation wherein you start to get a sex-related headache at the start of the sexual activity, stopping taking a more passive role can reduce its impact a lot. Apart from that, you can also treat it with the help of an anti- anti-inflammatory drug or even a migraine-specific medication if you are suffering from one. In case you notice this type of headache on a regular basis, then we highly recommend you to take professional help to diagnose it and treat it accordingly. 

After Sex Sorrow Or Mood Swings?

Now let us move towards teh sorrow or hallow feeling some get after the sexual activity. It is, in fact, a common occurrence among many.

Have you felt kind of sad, weepy, or even anxious after you have completed the act of sex? If yes, then you might relate to this to a greater extent. They are basically known as postcoital dysphoria, which is the post-sex blues. According to a study that the researcher conducted on almost 230 women found that 46 % of those women suffer or experience post sex sadness, anxiety, mood swings, or even agitation. All those emotions can turn out to be confusing and uncomfortable at times, especially for those who feel pleasure or closeness with their partners after the sexual activity.

How To Handle Post Sex Sadness?

The main issue is not the emotion but how you can handle it. They are technically short-lived experiences, but you can use deep breathing techniques or distract yourself with some pleasant activity like talking to your partner to get rid of such emotional discomfort.